Ash by Malinda Lo



Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books
Publishing Date:  September 16th 2010
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, LGBT, Romance
Goodreads: 3.56
Rating: ★★★

I confess – two words about this book that seemed to define it in a nutshell made me pick it up – Lesbian Cinderella.

As a little girl, this was one of my most read and of course a favorite fairy-tale. I must have watched the Disney version too, quite a lot of times. If anything beats this baby its perhaps only Beauty and the Beast. So when I found out a retelling of Cindy… it was cute; but the moment I realized this one is not just any retelling – but one with a twist, where Cindy ends up with … well a girl this one intrigued me.

And so I picked up Lo’ Ash.

Ash as already known, finds its roots in Cinderella, but that’s where the similarities end. Other than the common dead parents, evil step-mom and two step-sisters –  factor, Ash is nothing like the original tale.

Ash, short for Aisling is raised in a mystical world where fairies aren’t merely legends but they co-exist with mankind, though they seem to be weakening.  And to interact with their kind, is to invite trouble of the worst kind.

That however doesn’t deter people from crossing the line.

Ash, despite knowing the risks involved of interacting with a fairy – finds herself in a weird sort of friendship/relationship with Sidhean. And as she finds herself strangely attracted to the male fairy… she also seems to be drawn at the same time to the beautiful and alluring huntress Kaisa who serves the king.

As Aisling finds herself being drawn between two different worlds, she finally comes to find happiness with the one she always was meant to be with.

Now, the writing in the book is nothing short of beautiful, I found myself rereading some passages only to savor the beauty of Lo’ amazing words. That however doesn’t make me want to rate the book higher than I have.

Though I am happy Ash found her happily ever after, I wasn’t moved much by the story or more specifically the love story between Kaisa and Ash.


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