Until You’re Mine by Samantha Hayes

Publisher: Crown Publishing
Publishing Date:   April 15th 2014
Genre: Thriller > Psychological Thriller
Goodreads: 4.04
Rating: ★★★★

This book is a disturbing read… really disturbing. And I mean that as a compliment. Really as a huge horror buff I take pride in the fact that I don’t scare easy … so when a thing really creeps me out, I kinda develop a respect for it. Yeah, well I am weird in that way. Point is I admired the way Hayes has written this book.

I knew what I was getting into with the synopsis stating –  there has been a series of violent attacks on pregnant women in the area, and Claudia becomes acutely aware of her vulnerability. – only I didn’t realize exactly what I had asked for. Seriously, as a fan of books about serial killers and psychos I ought not be so easily freaked out; but as a woman it doesn’t help matters that the description of these attacks, the nature of these attacks was brutal. Like make you wanna throw up sick, if you have my ability to visualize, I tend to do that when I read sometimes… somehow my mind doesn’t really get enough of the written word and I am so sucked in if a book is this good, I feel as if I am witnessing these things for real, so yeah a fair warning. Try not to read this book if you just ate and don’t have the stomach for it or graphic violence.

Written by a woman, this book revolves around women as well, with its three protagonists – Claudia Morgan-Brown, the pregnant wife of a Naval officer James, who works with the social services, Zoe, the nanny she hires to help her take care of her two boys – Noah and Oscar, during the pregnancy and Detective Lorraine, the officer who is in charge of the investigation that is trying to track down and arrest the culprit behind the brutal murders. Each woman comes with her own set of issues and it was interesting to see how their stories tie up eventually. But mostly it revolves around the affect the inability to have a child has on women, which for some acts as a trigger of the most dangerous kind.

This one is a must read for fans of the likes of Gone Girl.

I was provided an advance readers copy for reviewing courtesy of Crown Publishing and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review of the book. This review is in no way influenced.


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