I Suck at Girls by Justin Halpern



Publisher: It Books
Publishing Date:  May 15th 2012
Genre: Humor, Non Fiction
Goodreads: 3.75
Rating: ★★★

Sometimes all you need from your life for it to not suck at the moment is a good laugh. Particularly at someone else’ expense. Which is exactly what I needed when I picked up this book.

As Miley mania had died down, the twitter jokes/memes on Alok Nath and Neil Nitin Mukesh (Indians ought a know this) didn’t seem that funny anymore and I was loath to rely on Charlie Sheen and not particularly interested in catching a rerun of two and a half men or Anger Management, I figured a book would be the apt choice to beat my misery.

And who better than Justin Halpern who confesses he has raked in the moolah he made based on the Shit his dad endlessly and humorously spouts off.  Just like the previous installment Halpern penned Sh*t my dad says, I suck at girls is a comic caper based on the various instances of Justin’ life and the precious pearls of wisdom his dad handed him down.

Nothing notably award-worthy as usual but a fun way to kill time and beat the blues.


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