The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom


Publisher: Sphere
Publishing Date: 12 November 2013
Genre: Contemporary,Inspirational
ISBN: 9781405517386
Goodreads: 3.76
Rating: ★★★

As a reader, my moods are influenced by the books I read and vice verse. After a glum read in Wake, I opted to read Wilde since I was in the mood for something funny but not a in-your-face kinda comic caper but something witty and kinda silly at the same time and knew no other man can provide the laughs like Wilde can and was right.

My next inclination would make me pick up a book I was thinking about from quite sometimes now.

Mitch Albom as an author, is not my absolute favorite but I do love the way he writes. There is something sweet and delightful in his words, they uplift me and humble me at the same time. When I had read the synopsis  of First Phone Call from Heaven, I found it riveting. Don’t we all at some point in our lives, have that one person at least whose loss we suffered and from the loss came the regret that would never perish. Never leave us. The regret to have that one last chance to meet them, to hold hands perhaps or just share a word. Nothing special or huge but just an ordinary moment, that would be the last memory of that person we would hold and the hope, for that memory to be a happy one.

And I was excited for what Albom would do with it. And while the book was good enough. It dint FEEL like an Albom book to me. The feel good type which makes you wanna smile through tears and which can make you wanna cry your heart out because its so heartbreaking and yet beautiful.

Reason being it was more of a whodunit after a point, with Sully investigating the source of the mysterious heavenly phone calls. I would have rated it higher too, because the mystery and the back story of disgraced pilot Sully Harding was written so interestingly that I loved every single revelation but the end product somewhat disappointed me.

I could not just LIKE the reason  behind these phone calls. Somehow it just felt like a massive letdown to me and that sucks cause this book had such potential, it could have been amazing instead it turned out somewhat an average affair.

I am disappointed in Albom as a reader for that but I must commend his usage of Alexander Graham Bell’ story in the book. Honestly I had no idea of Mr. Bell’ life prior to this book, all I knew of the man was that he can be credited for the creation of a product which changed the way mankind communicates forever. It’s another thing entirely that depending on the situation we either curse his invention or bless it.

Had it not been for Mr. Bell’ story perhaps I would have rated this book only a single star and nothing more and beyond that.

I hope for better results the next time around that I pick an Albom book that is for sure.

Could be read or missed really. Just in case that you do decide to pick this one up, don’t hope for the sky would be my only advice.


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