The Destiny of Violet & Luke (The Coincidence #3) by Jessica Sorensen



Publisher: Forever
Publishing Date: January 2014
Genre: Romance , young adult
Goodreads: 4.17
Rating: ★★★★

Luke Price & Violet Hayes seem to have the most fucked-up characters and lives, so far in the Coincidence series by Jessica Sorensen. They are also your quintessential star-crossed lovers, since the twist at the end of the book sure makes it almost impossible for them to have a happily ever after, which sorta breaks my heart. They already have it pretty rough and this was just cruel, too cruel to happen to them.

I am a fan of the strong silent types, and it was implied vastly in the previous two books that Luke has some humongous issues at his home too, for him to not only understand but also respect Kayden’ space and his need to keep aspects of his life under wraps even from his closest friend. But holy hell, I did not expect the level of mess he was in.

The only way Luke knows to keep himself sane is – not to get too close to anyone, drink a lot of booze and have one night stands with random strangers, until he bumps into Violet Hayes, literally.

Violet is unlike any girl Luke has ever met or slept with and the circumstances in which they have their first conversation, leaves Luke lusting for her and worried about her. The first he understands, relates, anticipates and is okay with. The second he is not.

Luke, does not get involved easily or make friends at the drop of a hat, but Violet seems to be the exception to his every rule. He finds himself laughing with her and starts sobering up as their relationship progresses.

In turn, Violet too finds herself, warming up to someone and caring about someone in her life after a really long time  for the first time.  The violent and brutal murders of her parents has deeply scarred Violet for life, life in the foster system has only fortified her beliefs that she has no one in the world and people don’t really care about anyone, not unless they are seeking for something in return. Until she meets Luke and finds she may be wrong in her beliefs.

Just as things start to look up for them and it seems, finally there may be a chance they have a shot at being with that one person with whom they find themselves at their strongest and arent afraid to be seen at their most vulnerable moments, does a terrible, terrible event from their past spring up, leaving them shattered with the aftermath of their pasts.

The mystery of Violet & Luke’ connection can be spotted pretty early in the book, so while their relationship becomes stronger and deeper,  it’s no surprise to the reader that  it’s just a disaster waiting to happen. The revelation of the truth is bound to drive a wedge between them and as a reader you too find yourself asking the question, what exactly can be the future of this relationship, given the past, which will always haunt them?


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