Chance by Kem Nunn


Publisher: Scribner
Expected Publication: February 2014

Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 1451645538 
Goodreads: 3.33
Rating: ★★

I have to admit, I have this morbid fascination with books about psychopaths and serial killers. The blurb on this book is really intriguing and fascinating and that’s what made me request the title from Netgalley the moment I was done reading it.

Prior to this I was not aware of the author and perhaps wouldn’t have requested the title based on that, had it not been for his association with SOA. Now it doesn’t seem like a very prudent decision.

I have lots of grievances with this book the foremost being that I simply could not connect with its protagonist Dr. Eldon Chance, I couldn’t even like him much to be honest. I get it his life is in for a toss, at age 49 he is heading for a divorce from his wife of two decades who has traded him for a younger model. A divorce which is costing him literally even the clothes on his back since he just doesn’t have to bear expenses of his lawyer, but that of his wife’ as well not to mention pay her alimony and child support. But he is such a dull character that I couldn’t find myself empathizing with him at any point nor could he arouse the least bit of sympathy within me.

My next grievance would be the crazy long sentences seriously, it took me three reads to grasp some paragraphs at the least. Not to mention that I couldn’t grasp things like De Clerembault Syndrome, Axioms and the Banach-Taraski paradox. And I was loathe to rely on Google and Wikipedia, everytime things like these cropped up. When a book makes me search for a thing or two I have no idea of it is interesting, amazing even to learn new things. When a book makes me want to abandon it and rather surf mindless memes on the net instead I know its beyond my capability as a reader to go on with it, but I did with much reluctance on my part and ended up with a massive headache and not the slight bit of understanding of the plot of this novel.

When I had requested Chance, I was hoping it would be the kind of crazy ride Gone Girl was, when I was done with it, I could barely remember half of the things I read and was just in pursuit of the strongest coffee along with 2 tablets of Ibuprofen.

I in all honesty cannot recommend this title to anyone.

This title was provided to be by Netgalley via Scribner in exchange for an honest review.


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