Beneath a Meth Moon by Jacqueline Woodson


Rating – 3 stars

Grief has a way of changing our lives completely. How each of us reacts to a situation beyond our control that completely alters our life, who we are as a person and our place under the sun depends based on the person solely. What my reaction may be to a typical situation can be radically different than yours.

Laurel Daneau, loses her mother and her grandma to hurricane Katrina, her home and everything she held dear to her life are washed away too. Though Laurel isn’t completely alone, she hasn’t come to terms with her loss. 

When her dad is offered a job in Iowa, Laurel, her brother Jesse Jr. are once again on the move, two years after the hurricane. Here Laurel makes friends and falls in love and it seems to her dad things may finally be getting better for the family. However the illusion is soon shattered when he discovers meth or the ‘moon’ as Laurel calls it in her bedroom.

Woodson shows Laurel spiralling out of control as her dependence on the drug increases by the day, to a point where she prefers to run away from home and start begging and live in an abandoned building than be under the roof of her father since he wouldn’t let her do drugs and wants her to get clean.

Kaylee, her friend and Moses, a gay artist who paints ‘meth angels’ help Laurel finally move on from the pain that has destroyed her, as she tries to find the relief and remedy for her pain in the meth. 

This book was an accidental discovery on my part, and honestly while I had high hopes from it owing to the synopsis, wasnt upto par on my level of expectations, however it was not completely without its merits. This is the first time I have picked up a book by Woodson and while it took me some time to get into the space where I am comfortable with her style and the content I did like this book, though not immensely.

Can be picked up as a one-off read. Though reader discretion would be advised since the subject can cause triggers to some people.


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