The Best Debut Books of 2013 I Read.

The year 2013 is almost as good as over and with less than a week to go, I thought of finally making the lists of books I enjoyed or dint…

To start off my last posts of this year, I thought to begin with the best début books I have read this year. So without further adieu here they are ( in random order)

1) These Broken Stars (Starbound, #1) by Amie Kaufman , Meagan Spooner 


This sci-fi dystopian novel is like Titanic based in future in outer space. Megan Spooner and Amie Kaufman’ debut work is the first in a series and will have 2 more books to round off the trilogy the second and third installments of which will be out in 2014 & 2015 respectively and will have 3 different couples and their love stories in each of the outing. Looking forward to the second book in the series This Shattered World with bated breath.

Review of These Broken Stars can be found on my blog here.

2) The Pentrals (The Pentrals #1) by Crystal Mack


Another dystopian novel on the list, Mack’ Pentrals is set in a world where shadows and reflections are not just a part of you, they are highly evolved sentient beings specifically assigned to do the task of trailing people all their life. This sci-fi novel becomes somewhat psychological when the reflections start playing on the minds of their assigned humans reflecting them as grotesque creatures in turn making them rely on drugs. Violet and Antares have just began to look under the surface of this horror in the making that has the people in the city of Talline, enslaved to one man’ hunger for power.

Review of The Pentrals be found on my blog here.

3)The Reluctant Cannibals by Ian Flitcroft


I honestly didn’t expect this book to be this much fun. Okay so it’s a bit morbid and kinda crazy in its plot but the way Flitcroft has managed to write on a subject such as cannibalism its something I never expected to be hilarious and yet that’s exactly what this is.  Eccentric and slightly crazy foodie, oops pardon me I mean, gastronome the late Professor Arthur Plantagenet will leads to his colleagues, friends and fellow gastronome to be in a soup (pun intended) when he asks them to eat his leg so that one of the greatest taboos in civilized human society can be overcome to answer the one question which has plagued him – how does human flesh taste?

Review of The  Reluctant Cannibals be found on my blog here.

4) Burial Rites by Hannah Kent


Based on the last capital execution to take place in Iceland, Hannah Kent’ historical novel narrates the story of Agnes Magnúsdóttir, convicted for committing the murders of Natan Ketilsson and Pétur Jónsson.Before the days leading to her execution, while arrangements are to be made, in accordance to the orders of the King of Denmark, Agnes is made to stay with the Jónsson family in Kormsá.  her description of a frigid, stark Iceland that has truly won me over. The way Kent has treated the place, Iceland does not stay just the setting of her novel, rather it comes across as a character in itself, really you gotta read this book to experience it.

Review of Burial Rites be found on my blog here.

5) Ink (Paper Gods #1) by Amanda Sun


Based in Japan, Amanda Sun’ Ink was a different experience for me. I am a huge lover of the fantasy genre and try to read as many books as possible since its always easy for me to lose myself in a world of wizards and dragons, angels and demons. Ink happens to narrate the tale of the Kami, the descendents of gods, borne with the coupling of gods and humans – who have somehow managed to survive in the modern world and now are split in groups and at war. The catch here – a young American girl Katie Greene who is perhaps the reincarnation of a powerful priestess and could hold the key of who turns out to be the winner in this feud.

Review of Ink be found on my blog here.


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