Orange is the New Black: My Time in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman


Rating – 2 stars

By nature, I am not much of a non-fiction reader. Somehow the titles under this genre are simply not my cup of tea. However recently I was required to read a book in this category owing to a challenge in one of the book clubs I am a member of, in Goodreads. So I chose Kerman’ Orange is the new Black, given the hugely popular Netflix series I was curious enough to pick up the book.

Usually I find adaptations, movies or shows not up to the standard of the books they are adapted from. Only a few actually live up to the reputation a series or a book has been able to achieve. While the Netflix series has not followed the book only set up the plot, based on Kerman’ book which is based on her experiences in the women’ prison she ends up in following her arrest on charges of money- laundering in a drug racket, it’s infinitely obvious the series is absolutely a thousand times better than the book.

Honestly I am surprised Netflix has managed to turn this damp squid into a profitable venture given the book managed to bore the hell out of me while I thoroughly enjoy the series.

Flat, shallow and coming across as dumb Kerman is no author to reckon with. Though her experience thankfully inspired a good show, her book is absolutely a waste of time as per me.

Recommending the series here, don’t read the book unless prison memoirs are really your thing or you are so flat out bored of your mind you would probably chew cardboard to kill time. 


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