The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1) by Rick Riordan


Rating – 2 stars

Being a reader, an avid one at that its difficult or should I say downright impossible to neglect a few books. Why you may ask, because one way or another you inevitably take the bait and want to know what the world is talking about. You may end up as a fan, a groupie or you may fall in what maybe a minority and be a critic… though not necessarily a hater.

Percy Jackson, is one of those names which cannot be ignored if you are into books.

So I finally took the bait and read the first book in the series by Riordan,  The Lightning Thief  a couple of days back. I wish there was a way to avoid this “controversial”  subject, but I simply don’t know how to explain myself better without the aid of an example. As I already mentioned, certain books gain a tremendous amount of recognition – though that is not always a good thing but then again, this very recognition becomes a benchmark, a paradigm against which all the books which fall into the similar genre are compared with.

Not every vampire-human love story has to as headache inducing as Twilight, as I so thankfully discovered with Holly Black’ Coldest girl in coldtown this year. Similarly not every book about a teenager, who learns he/she is more than just a mere mortal is up to the standards of the phenomenal Harry Potter. 

Percy, a 12-year-old discovers he is half human, half god – the son of Poseidon – one of the most powerful greek gods and along with the discovery comes the threat to his life when he learns, he is accused of stealing the master lightning bolt of Zeus. And unless it’s returned  to Mount Olympus before the next summer solstice, war will be waged.

So far so good, but eventually the book falls flat on its face. Somehow there comes a point where however hard I may try I cannot help but compare things with Potter here and there fail to gather any amount of love or appreciation for this book. Somehow it just doesn’t work for me. In writing so however, I am not belittling Riordan or his skills as an author, just saying this series isn’t for me. 


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