Horns by Joe Hill


Rating – 3 stars

Ever wondered what people really think of you? Whether the face they put on in front of you is just a mask and the reality as far away from your perception as possible? When you screw up or when bad things happen to you people may ridicule you, may support you, may taunt you or may criticize you for a time in your life, but what if that supposed screw-up, that assumed mistake is all that matters about you now?

Ignatius ‘Ig’ Perrish is about to find out just that as a person of interest in the rape and murder case of his girlfriend Merrin Williams. Since no evidence was ever found to prosecute Ig, he was never charged or tried but that does not mean he is perceived innocent. Rather the loss of evidence in a fire, makes people suspect Ig even more. The fact that he is the son of a renowned musician and the brother of a talk show, makes people think his family pulled some strings and let a murderer lose among them. 

As the book opens Hill’ protagonist  wakes up with one hell of a headache and a strong hangover, but that’s not all that he finds himself waking up to. Ig also finds that he is mysteriously growing horns on his head and is as expected freaked out about it. Try as he might he cant seem to recall anything about last night or understand how in the world can he be growing horns.

As he meets up with someone with those horns  people start telling him things that they normally wouldn’t. Right from his fuck-buddy Glenna to his parents and the priest at his church to the doctor. Not only do they spill all their secrets to him but none of them remember doing so. 

Everyone in town has always believed Ig raped and murdered Merrin, it is only his brother Terry who ever believed in his innocence and it is under the influence of the horns that Terry finally reveals to Ig, he knows Ig is innocent since he saw Ig’ best friend Lee Tourneau murder Merrin and was all this time since Lee made him.

And so the action begins………..

Okay, this is a freaky little book. Not that I had expected it to be anything else. Having read Joe Hill’ Twittering from the Circus of the Dead a few weeks back, I had a faint idea of what I am headed for. My intention behind picking up Horns lies in two things – reading more of Joe Hill & getting to know the story of Daniel Radcliffe’ upcoming movie.

I liked the concept and the writing, Hill truly is a fantastic writer but somehow this book didn’t awe me or impress me much hence the rating. The whole “Treehouse of the Mind”  thing was too bizarre for me. Honestly I would have liked it if there was some other explanation involved here about Ig growing horns with supernatural powers, perhaps something like the crossroad devil legend with a drunk Ig making a deal with the devil  to find the real killer in return for his life/youth/soul…


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