Rivers by Michael Farris Smith


Rating – 2.5 stars

I am quite fond of reading dystopian novels, that they deviate from the norm is what works for me as a reader when I pick a good one up. When I learned about Rivers by Michael Farris Smith  and read its summary I was hooked. 

Unfortunately the excitement didn’t translate to the book.  Set in the future where a climate shift has caused massive damage to the Southeastern United States.  The coastlines are eroded and people made to evacuate their homes by government, those that stay behind do so at their own risk. 

Cohen, the book’ protagonist, is one such survivor of the horrible tornadoes that have wrecked everything. He chooses to stay behind to honor his wife’ memory and complete the nursery they were planning for their baby.

I liked the start of the book, it’s an unusual read for sure. However this book is slow….. really slow for the likes of me and may be it works for others but I cannot bring myself to like it.

I did enjoy Smith’ writing and the concept is admittedly novel to me but the book literally put me to sleep almost every time I picked it up. It was a challenge in itself to finish it. Rating purely for the concept and the writing not the matter. 


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