24 – A game-changer for Indian Television?

So like countless Indians must have done last night, I tuned into Colors at 10 pm, to catch the very first episode of the most talked about show of the year; probably the most expensive in terms of production as well – the Indian adaptation of multiple award-winning, critically acclaimed Fox series ’24’.

It was a refreshing to see a TV show in what is like decades not banking on what has become the standard formula for Indian TV – the cringe-worthy saas bahu sagas which make your head whirl before you can even switch over to one of news/music/infotainment/English GEC channels.

 Abhinay Deo deserves to be complimented for his wonderful direction, the scenes are well-executed and are appealing to the eye. The casting is so far flawless. 

Oh it was so wonderful to see characters that could be related to, characters that seemed real – from the rebellious teenage daughter of Jai Singh Rathod, to Trisha, her mother who was pleasantly real, casually attired in a t-shirt and pajama pants with almost no make-up. A woman who doesn’t have to adorn half a jewelry showroom just so that it can be clear she is married and a cultured woman who has to be sweating because of all the jewelry she must wear to show her sanskaar and flaunt the so-called wealth of the family. 

I wont be divulging into any spoilers here or make any comparisons with the original 24, but I would say this somethings seemed a tad over the top in the remake.

For example – Anil Kapoor has to tone down a bit when he is channeling the suave Jack Bauer, I understand this is India and the man has acted since before I was even born. This isnt me trying to teach the man his job rather its just constructive criticism, which I needed to state.

24 is here and its here to stay for sure. Colors and Anil Kapoor have taken perhaps a giant leap by making the show which could be the game-changer that Indian TV needs today desperately since its become stagnant in its content. 

P.S:  a friend of mine informed me not a day into the show Star Plus, the numero uno GEC in India, has announced its intention of adapting Grey’ Anatomy for the Indian screens with a bi-weekly show of 52 episodes. 

I don’t know if it will actually happen, since GA is not just about the doctors and the interns treating the sick and learning while at it, it’s a madhouse in itself, where the doctors raise the temperature with their volatile love-life more than the sick patients at Seattle Grace, oops I meant Grey-Sloan memorial hospital. But if it does I hope they don’t have to change the original story vastly, Grey’ relies as much on its humor as it does on its romances and drama. Hmmm, makes me wonder who will be the Indian McSteamy…… plus will they have the balls to actually incorporate Callie & Arizona’ story-line (however much it may suck at the moment). 


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