The Cheesemaker’s House by Jane Cable


Rating – 1 star

In all honesty I cannot review this book. Not really. Considering as the book was not my cup of tea I will refrain from saying anything that might be construed as negative. 

All I can comment with regards to this book was it did not charm me. The characters of a book, their journey, their motivations and actions excite me as a reader. But with Alice Hart, there was  no such moment of excitement or appeal that could make her interesting to me. She is recently divorced, moves into a new place where strange things happen to her. But none of them really make me feel concerned for Alice or even like her. 

Reading this book, and getting to know Alice was akin to traveling in a crowded train and hearing a fellow passenger go on and on, either with someone she is traveling with or on phone. While she may believe the most exciting/nauseating/exhausting thing ruined/made her day; to me it is of no concern in the bigger picture. I cannot exactly shut her up, but after a while her voice is just one in a cacophony, one which I cannot entirely zone out .  But with a little bit of exhaustion, luck and regular practice can very well ignore as mundane.  

I was provided an advance readers copy for reviewing courtesy of Troubador Publishing Ltd and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review of the book. This review is in no way influenced and is solely based on my opinion. 


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