First look of 24 starring Anil Kapoor: Coming soon on COLORS

There are sadly no shows in India these days that can excite the audience owing to the poor quality of the content.

Most are just aping each other with the obnoxious tried and tested age-old formula of kitchen politics churning out one saas bahu show after another. 

Yes there is a Devon Ke Dev Mahadev but it’s not the same. Yes there are at times some folklores or other things we never knew off that we learn but still churning mythology has a bonus – you already have material with you thousands of years old. The execution either can sink the show or make it a hit. Thankfully the wonderful actors especially Mohit Raina who plays Mahadev, is so effortlessly wonderful in the show you can sometimes overlook a minor slag here or there like how could Jalandhar have aged before Kartikeya but that is not the point of this post.

This post is primarily to share the first look and my excitement of Colors’ newest offering Anil Kapoor‘ 24, an adaptation of the popular US show of the same name which is being reprised as is being reported by media.

Now there have been of course shows in India that have had seasons and adaptations before, that’s not new here. What’s new is the show is the first work of fiction that will be adapted for the Indian audiences. And though the original does boost of a fan following in India, it will be a unique experience to watch a show of 24′ calibre on Indian TV.

The lure as per me, the fine star cast – not only have I grown watching Mr. Kapoor but also many of those who either have starring or guest roles on the show such as the talented Shabana Azmi and brilliant Mr. Anupam Kher – but these people will finally bring to Indian TV something that I know a lot of people like me have waited for – a cast with the acting chops that sucks you in.

The limited number of episodes – like the original, thank god. I don’t really get the point of seasons in fictional Indian shows if they are not delivering quality content and are just banking on time leaps or the more cringe-worthy term generation leaps which age the protagonists by a solid two decades at the least and have them playing parents to people their age and no sense to the reason that leap had to take place other than drag a show beyond tolerance to reach a milestone of x no of episodes.

A big budget show that is thankfully not a mytho – really not that I am against the genre – but can shows be made with better actors at least – Zee TV’ Ramayana made even a granny in my neighborhood cringe at the poor casting choice.

Focus finally on men – really not that I am not a feminist – I most definitely am one – but the lads on our shows are mere props who are needed only for the purpose of marriage & reproduction it seems. If women could do even that all on their own, today I doubt a guy on Indian TV could have existed. 

A show that won’t revolve around the heavy saris and the gravity defying load of jewelry and makeup these women wear day in and day out, even when barely awake to answer the doorbell rung by the milkman.

Finally a political angle in a show without the word kitchen involved anywhere near its vicinity 

A show that seems to have some semblance of logic at least from the promo not just lectures on every this and that.

So kudos to Colors for trying to do the unimaginable on the current Indian TV scenario – be daring and different.

For god’ sake please don’t butcher it, I am having a faint hope after a long time about the future of Indian TV.

So without further delay have a glimpse of the show of the year people


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