5 Shows That Need Indian Adaptations

On the heels of the unveiling of the first look of Colors’ magnum opus of the year – the Indian adaptation of 24, the critically acclaimed series as Mr. Anil Kapoor dons the garb of Jack Bauer a thought struck me and this is the ensuing result


1) Breaking Bad – The multi-emmy award winning series with the wickedly wonderful Bryan Cranston and adorable Aaron Paul ranks high on my favorite lists right now, it also helps that Star World is currently airing it even with the numerous nonsensical signs and bleeped out words, so it pretty much makes sense to kick start my countdown with it.

Now while I know the day India can hear meth and opium on its TV screens is far, far away that doesn’t stop a gal from dreaming so .. to channel his inner Heisenberg who better to don the role of Walter White than the brilliant National award winning actor Mr. Anupam Kher. As the series begins we see Walter as a mild-mannered man who is thrown off kilter with the news of his lung cancer. Mr. Kher has donned the role of a helpless common man with elan in many a movies and has also been the dastardly Dr. Dang to Dilip Kumar’ Jailer Vishwa Pratap Singh.


Jesse Pinkman is a drug dealer who you can’t help but love, seriously its not possible to hate the guy. He is a guy you should hate but find embodying a certain vulnerability of a misguided lost youth. If its not a nod to Aaron’ acting chops (& his adorableness) I don’t know what is that he went on to become Walter’ alter-ego’ partner in crime for the series when it was decided his role would hit the bucket at the end of season 1.

The guy who comes to my mind for his portrayal is Bollywood newbie Sushant Singh Rajput. A known face on Indian TV, thanks to his hit show that catapulted him to fame and was the place he would meet his lady love, Sushant can exude just the right amount of rawness and vulnerability needed to play Jesse.


2) The Vampire Diaries – Undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on the planet right now, the cast for this one needs to be young, charming and super hot. Hence the first 3 names that pop into my head happen to be of the SOTY trio, who though one film old have just the right oomph needed 
While its a no brainer Alia can be Elena, Varun will be my Damon to Siddharth’ Stephen any day


3) Scandal – the show needs a woman who can exude sexuality just with a look and definitely PC comes to my mind to play Kerry Washington’ Olivia Pope


4) Revenge – Oh this show is delicious, not to mention its kinda a very popular sentiment so many filmmakers and TV shows not only in India but the world have worked on. 
Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke is a woman hell bent on exacting revenge on those who wronged her father, while her sweet face hasn’t launched a thousand ships she has the list to actually rival those who lost their lives cos of the fair Helen
Vidya Balan is a hell of a performer, not only is she another small screen veteran who is a superstar today in films she can play the bad gal with aplomb, and can be oh so wonderful while at it


5) Suits – While numerous shows have been made based in a legal firm, Suits happens to be favorite – why do you ask – it has Gabriel Macht & Sarah Rafferty not to mention the incredible Gina Torres and the cute Patrick J Adams

While I am not really that huge a fan of Hrithik Roshan he is definitely someone who can match Gabriel’ charm and sex appeal in my mind and to his Harvey, the perfect Mike in my mind is Shahid Kapoor.


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