Jane Austen to appear on £10 note

Jane Austen banknote

A woman other than the queen finally appears on the  country’ cash. 

A literary legend Ms. Austen will appear on the £10 note in 2017, the bicentenary of her death, replacing the 19th-century naturalist Charles Darwin, who has been on the notes since late 2000.

A portrait of Austen, the new note will include images of her writing desk and quills at Chawton Cottage, in Hampshire, where she lived; her brother’s home, Godmersham Park, which she visited often, and is thought to have inspired some of her novels, and a quote from Miss Bingley, in Pride and Prejudice: “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!”

Three cheers to Ms. Austen and a toast to women’ empowerment.

Source : The Guardian


2 thoughts on “Jane Austen to appear on £10 note

  1. It’s not a first for England, Elizabeth Fry has been on the £5 note since 2001, and was recently replaced by Winston Churchill. This in turn caused a bit of an uproar because it would mean there would be no non-royal women on the UK currency, which is why Jane Austen was put on a note.

    • Woops sorry I think I may have had the wrong info than thanks for clearing that up.
      Edited the post a bit

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