Bound by Marriage by Nalini Singh

Bound by Marriage

Rating – 1.5 stars

This one is a quick, boring read that is utterly perfect for the time when you want to switch off your brains and want something mindless so that you may tune out the random buzzing in your head. Okay no it wont help with any buzzing rather it would kinda make you mind whirl a bit since its so so predictably bad.  

But then again you don’t always want to read brilliant literary works especially not when the only purpose of your reading is to kill time. I read this one while I was waiting on things and did not want anything too distracting or engrossing to make me take my mind off completely from my task at hand and yet help me pass the time. I read this with music on that I was listening and still it did not matter much. 

Nalini Singh’ Gabe and Jessica are nothing out of the ordinary, they enter a marriage of convenience. He needs an heir since he has turned 35 and thinks might as well make good on the swimmers while they are still in the prime before its too late and she needs money to save her family property.

Experienced man who is so good in bed that he can make a woman come just by looking at her ends up with a oh so not experienced virgin who becomes putty in his hands and unleashes the sex goddess within her the moment he puts his hands on her. 

They don’t wanna fall in love for their own reasons but can’t help it when they get married and are having the best sex of their lives. No wait that is applicable only to him – since she was a virgin  and can’t hold a candle to his performance.

Misunderstandings, lame fights ensue, his dark past comes out and woman conquers the man and makes him human.

A typical blah romance.


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