Blackwater Lights by Michael M. Hughes

Blackwater Lights

Rating – 1 star

Ever read a book so bad it momentarily blinded you and then somehow made you feel as if you had bloody spots dance before your eyes? I just did – the worst book of my life to date. Honestly I can’t for the life of me fathom how can crap such as this even get published really.

Set in a town called Blackwater this book deals with an experience that Ray, the book’ hero went through as a child and for some reason can’t remember what it was, though it affects his whole personality and in extension his life.

Recently dumped for being the dumb looser that he is, Ray tries to find closure to the biggest mystery of his life. A call from his childhood buddy Kevin, who went through the same thing acts as a catalyst for him as he packs his bags and gets ready to know the truth .

And it is from this point on that shit hits the fan.

Ray on his arrival comes across strange characters, has some pretty weird experiences and for half of the book just sits on his ass waiting for his friend to disclose the big secret since the friend who called him up stating its the emergency of epic proportions decided to be AWOL on his arrival. And yeah in between the waiting he crosses paths with the richest guy in town Crawford and his business associate Lily, who are interested in him because he is the last piece of the dumb puzzle that is the mystery of this book. Also for a brief breather bumps the uglies with the town’ local diner’ waitress Emma.

Coming across as a Sci-fi book in the beginning how the hell does it even cross territories and delve into paranormal, voodoo or some other shit is beyond me. Really I am not making this up, the CIA, NSA – Russian & American governments trying to one up each other to gain the powers of the occult is just about the most bizarre thing I have ever read. This book makes freaking twilight & fifty shades seem like literary masterpieces. And that’s saying something.

I have come across fanfictions better written than this piece of crap.

Over halfway through this book and I just wanted to scream at someone.

I dint care what the hell the big mystery was, if Ray was kidnapped by aliens and made to watch endless reruns of Kardashians or if he had to listen the whining of every Twihard gal .

I couldn’t give a damn if Santa himself abducted him, tied him down and made him listen to endless Justin Bieber tracks. Frankly if it had helped speed up the slow death that is this book I would have had someone shoot Ray in the first 3 pages itself.

The plot never escalates and by the time it does I had lost the will to live or read this awful book any further than I already did. The character of Ray doesn’t connect at all – he certainly is the most boring protagonist I have ever encountered.

Definitely the worst book of 2013 in my list. Never in my prior experience on Goodreads have I ever wished for a negative rating system as I have for this book.

I was provided a free ARC  by Netgalley  in exchange for a honest review.


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