The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt


Publisher: Ecco
Publishing Date:  April 2011
Genre: Historical Fiction
ISBN: 0062041266
Rating: ★★★

I’ll give this to the book it has the coolest, craziest and the most amazing cover I have seen in a while. So yeah I gave a whole star in my over all review for the cover alone. That clearly sums up how I felt about the book quite a lot. Having already praised the cover, I admit it was the first thing about the book that caught my eye next was the fact that it was shortlisted for the Booker prize. So I went ahead and got myself a copy from a library.

Charlie and Eli sisters, a pair of guns for hire who work for a man called Commodore are out to complete their latest job – to find a man called Herman Kermit Warm and then kill him. Of course before that they are also to retrieve something from him as instructed by their boss. Warm allegedly has stolen something that belongs to the commodore. Hence they must travel from Oregon to California, during the Gold Rush.

The narrator of the book is Eli, the younger of the two brothers. In the course of their journey to find Warm, the brothers encounter some characters, who for better or worse help the story progress. We also learn about their past and how they come to work for the Commodore along the journey. But at the end of it, it really dint matter to me what happens to them and if they complete the job or not. Eli honestly bored me, he was a tad bit too whiny, for a guy!

DeWitt is a talented writer, however somehow I found the book to be lacking in certain things. May be I had my expectations quite high but the book dint quite work for me. Somehow the story would have been more compelling as per me if the narrator had been the flamboyant brother, Charlie instead of the lackluster Eli.


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