The Misbehaving Marquess (Naughty in Nottinghamshire #1) by Leigh LaValle

The Misbehaving Marquess

Publisher: Heart Bay Publishing
Published:  October  2012
Genre: historical fiction, romance
Goodreads: 3.49
Rating: ★★


2.5 stars for this one, honestly some books make me wish Goodreads would reform its scoring system. This happens to be one of them.

The Misbehaving Marquess is the story of Catherine and Jaime, who were sweethearts since the time they were of age. Following their courtship they get married and feel they have before them their happily ever after. Yet not a month into their wedding, a scandal rips them apart. Catherine is found in a compromising position with a notorious rake and chaos ensues when people perceive it in the wrong way. Naturally Jaime is hurt and doesn’t take the words regarding his wife being spread kindly, but moreover he cannot handle the ridicule to which he is subjected. So he flees…. for 5 long years and only returns when circumstances prompt him to, leaving him no choice.

The death of a cousin leaves Jaime the last male who could ensure an heir to the depleting family line else after his death it would all go to some distant cousin or the other. People he doesn’t even know very well.

I liked that Catherine dint choose to sulk and cry over Jaime’ actions but rather rises to the occasion and takes care of herself and manages his estates. She becomes a woman with a will, independence and strength. Unfortunately that doesn’t last long, not a week into Jaime’ return from his trip around the world she is back in his bed and ready to move on.

Love is strong and forgiving and all but trust is more fragile than it and isn’t magically restored overnight.I felt the ending rushed and rather contrived.Fearing that he is being ridiculed or would be – a man who flees rather than fights for his honor and yours doesn’t actually deserve a second chance in my opinion really. Not to mention the reconciliation between Catherine and Jaime felt based on their lust and attraction moreover than their love and understanding. A man who vouches to love you, who takes vows before god, family and friends to be with you till his last breath, flees at the first sign of trouble and then comes back to you, under the pressure and pretense of needing an heir deserves to have suffered a bit more than a mere few days that you avoid him. What does it say about the love that you think you had or the marriage that binds you to him ? Not much really as per me.


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