The Laird’s Forbidden Lover by Amelia C. Gormley

The Laird's Forbidden Lover

Publisher:  Riptide Publishing
Published: May 2013
Genre: historical fiction,  romance
ISBN: 1626490201
Goodreads: 3.25

The synopsis of the book made me curious enough to want to read it but it was a hell of a disappointment. I expected a story of couple in love in a time when people considered it, sometimes still do – as an unnatural act. I expected to read about a love which is forbidden and yet can’t be helped. I thought I would read a sensitive portrayal of the love life of two men, who can’t be with each other as much as they want it due to societal pressures, a fear of what it would mean to their families and of course even death perhaps not hidden trysts in forests or any chance to get behind a closed-door. Sure I dint expect Iain and Travis to stay virgins who never got a chance to consummate that love but honestly I dint expect to read only about their sex life as well. The majority of this short book was about that – in flashbacks and present day. It seemed the author wanted to write just about the action in between the sheets and not explore the vast scope the premise presented.

A long time back I saw a movie adaptation of a book based on gay love called ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and then after a few weeks of search read the book by Annie Proulx. As a teenager it was my first real exposure to a romance, a kind of love that has taken a long time to gain acceptance and yet is still struggling for a recognition, an acceptance in some parts of the world. A love that is not considered normal by those who still don’t get it, don’t understand that there is nothing wrong in loving someone of your own gender. You can’t help who you love, you don’t decide it consciously, practically, you just follow your heart. People who don’t understand you are who you are. It was the first literary work that profoundly impacted me and my thinking on a subject I dint know much about nor could discuss with anyone in a conservative country like India almost a decade ago, since either people chose not to discuss or were ignorant themselves of the facts. A subject that I myself would never have easily came across had it not been for the media exposure via TV and movies and my habit of reading newspapers which is where I first read about Ang Lee’ beautiful film. I dint know any gay person at the time, still don’t know that many to be perfectly honest but I have come across a few and even made friends with them, though we lost touch owing to our busy lives.

This book dint really impress me half as much as Brokeback Mountain did, but I wasn’t expecting it to either. But had it made me feel an ounce of what reading BM did I would have been sold. So yep 1 star rating for the non-impressive performance on the author’ part. Pretty sure Gormley would not be back in my collection unless it’s a miracle.


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