The Help by Kathryn Stockett



Publisher: Amy Einhorn Books
Published: February 2009
Genre:Womens Fiction > Chick Lit, Historical Fiction
ISBN: 0399155341
Goodreads:  4.44
Rating: ★★


Some books are so good, their adaptations no matter how amazing still leave a lot to be desired at times honestly. Then there are those adaptations, which are so good you cannot wait to read the book which was the inspiration, the original works that came up with the story in the first place. And then there are adaptations which make you wonder, should you even bother reading with the book at all if the movie dint impress you ?

When 2 years back HBO launched their new show Game of Thrones, I was sucked into the brilliance of it all and discovered the genius that is George .R.R. Martin. In less than a month I found all the books which had released in the series to date and had begun reading to know what happens next in the story and then I had an experience with Eragon which was the complete opposite.

The book was okay but the movie dear god was totally boring. I wonder what were the people who decided to make the movie were thinking? Really no sane man could make an investment that terribly. And then just yesterday I watched the movie that is inspired by this book on TV. Frankly I must say it saved me a lot of time and headache. Rating this book based on my opinion of the movie, not gonna read it now that I know the story and can say it doesn’t incline me to pick up the book that it was based on.


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