Swept Up by the Sea: A Romantic Fairy Tale by Tracy Hickman

Swept Up by the Sea: A Romantic Fairy Tale

Publisher:  Shadow Mountain
Published: August 2013
Genre: fantasy, romance
Goodreads: 3.52
Rating: ★★★

Swept up by the sea by Tracy & Laura Hickman is a fun read that is centered around Percival Taylor – a wannabe Pirate and his adventures… errr misadventures.

The son of a tailor who is the handsomest lad of his town, Percival is to wed Vestia – a match made by their mothers. However his dreams do not involve settling down and carrying on a dull life as his parents but one full of adventures, thrills, voyages and piracy, fueled by the tales he has read and heard. Of course, it’s another thing completely that he is an airhead, who suffers seasickness while he dreams to be an infamous notorious pirate. Inspired by…ahem.. well-wishers Percival sets off to find his destiny and off he sets to Blackshore bay to fulfill his romanticized dreams of piracy only to run into Tuppance Magrathia-Paddock, the daughter of Blackshore’ Governor.

A mix of characters form a part of Percival’ journey though I am partial to Adrian and Vestia. I found myself thoroughly entertained reading the gimmicks of Percival, the antiques of Tuppence as the book progressed.

A tad bit on the silly side but nonetheless an enjoyable read that I would surely recommend to those seeking to read something that makes em laugh.

I was given this e-book to read and asked to give honest review of it in exchange by Netgalley.


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