Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern



Publisher:  HarperCollins e-books
Publishing Date:  May 2010
Genre: Humor
ISBN: 0062002945
Goodreads: 3.96  ·
Rating: ★★★★


On My Brother’s Baby Being a Little Slow to Start Speaking

The baby will talk when he talks, relax. It ain’t like he knows the cure for cancer and just ain’t spitting it out.

Having been reading books back to back which were glum I needed a breather and what better way to do so then read something comic, and this book just fit the bill to the T, it was a fast paced, enjoyable read that cracked me up. This was the kinda humor I needed.

The best part about this book was may be the fact the author Justin Halpern wasn’t simply ‘quoting’ his dad but with each chapter and a quote that was the theme of it there was a little story that went along which at times were sweet, hilarious or even heart warming. Despite the strong language used by the author’ father you can say he is a loving man whose language can be attributed to his background of a war veteran but to his family he is a devoted guy who is just trying to raise his 3 sons with his wife to the best of his abilities and along the way dealing with the situations that arise while parenting kids no matter how old they get – 9 or 29.


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