Ruined by Rumor by Alyssa Everett


Publisher: Carina Press
Publishing Date:  April 2013
Genre: Romance > Historical Romance
Goodreads:  3.62
Rating: ★★

Reading Ruined by Rumor was like watching one of those predictable soaps or movies which are churned in India in countless numbers – the only difference here was of course the setting – instead of India it was Regent England. A time where ladies had only the limited purposes of dressing up for balls, coming out in tons, finding a great match, hopefully marrying the said match & then spending the rest of their lives with the said man – either in plain misery or in the limited scope of happily ever after that real life provides. Of course to kill time when not investing in these said activities , they would knit, sing, dance, shop & gossip.

Ruined by Rumor’ heroine Roxana is no different from all the other ladies of the time, she is in love with George Wyatt, an officer with the army and has been waiting for his return from war so that they could finally be engaged and then marry. Things even go almost all the way as she expects – he does return and they do get engaged – only the joy of their engagement lasts until in the same party she learns that her fiance has not been as faithful to her as she was naively believing him to be. Even while Roxana feels humiliated, betrayed and utterly disgusted with George she sticks around hoping marriage will change him, though she clearly has her doubts. After all she has waited for him all these years and wouldn’t want to make a fool of herself now especially when her family never did like George in the first place. Things go downhill finally when Roxana is shocked in the gut the moment George breaks off their engagement and fails to give her a logical explanation as to the cause of it. Distressed, mortified and heartbroken Roxana shares a moment with Alex Ayersley, her brother’ best friend and someone she considers a friend too since they have been neighbors all their lives. Roxana who would break into a cold sweat at George’ proximity ( as the leech was only trying to get under her skirts always) doesn’t even realize what takes over her in those moments with Alex. From then on a completely predictable plot ensues wherein a flustering Alex who has been forever in love with Roxana steps up and proposes to her so as to save her reputation, since their little tryst causes quite a scandal with the rumor spreading around.

The writer has played safe with a very cliche plot however I did like her portrayal of Alex and the explanation as to why he is the way he is. Roxana didn’t really have much in terms of being a protagonist or maybe I was not much impressed by her.And while there was nothing out of the blue in this regency outing it nonetheless is a quick read which is mildly entertaining.


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