Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Publishing Date: June 2012
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 0307588386
Goodreads: 3.93
Rating: ★★★★★

Everybody likes a roller coaster ride – Pete Waterman.

Gone Girl is an exactly like a roller coaster ride – exciting, maddening and exhilarating for sure. It has its moments wherein out of nowhere you suddenly feel as if you got this kick in the gut like you do at times when riding a roller coaster, a crazy fast one at that too where just when you think you could relax, the ride knocks you off your socks.

I discovered Gillian Flynn and Gone Girl on Goodreads. Reading the plot summary I was somewhat intrigued but it was the reviews that made me take the plunge and I am really glad I went for this book. Not only did I discover a new brilliant author but also found myself engrossed completely in one of the most amazing books I have ever read.

Its sorta difficult to write much on the book without giving away the plot but am so swept away by this book that I just had to write a review here(which I am really lazy about frankly).It takes a lot for me to wanna sit down patiently and do this but Gone Girl is one of those books that truly made me want to do this.

The central characters of this book are Amy and Nick Dunne, a married couple whose relationship has hit rock bottom. Their unemployment and Nick’ decision to move to his hometown to help his twin sister Margo look after their ailing parents acts as a catalyst to their growing troubles. And clearly that’s not all that is going wrong for them.

Amy and Nick aren’t just as different as chalk and cheese, but each has a set of home issues which doesn’t really help make things prettier. The troubles are just brewing on a slow burner waiting to finally explode which they do as Amy disappears on the couple’ fifth marriage anniversary and here is where for Nick all hell breaks loose.

During the first half of the book Flynn clearly keeps you confused. The reader learns about the couple’ courtship and slow descend into doom with the diary entries Amy so religiously makes all the while reading from Nick’ perspective, how his wife is the complete antithesis of what we learn Amy is through her diary. You really can’t figure out whether Nick has killed his wife or is he just faking being an innocent man who is caught unawares.

In what is any husband’ worst nightmare come true in a situation like this Nick is the prime suspect for the police. Even the media treats him like some sorta criminal not to mention the people of his own town and at times even his twin is left having a doubt or two about his innocence. Flynn has cleverly taken a dig on the media which always rushes to the much abused solution – the husband did it.

Its only with the second half of the book we really learn of what’s actually going on in here. Distill the fabrication from the truth. The end result is somewhat like Whoa! Holy crap – yeah pretty much my reaction to a few of the situations used in the book.

Honestly the book is dark, twisty, complex and sinfully amazing. Flynn does a brilliant job at throwing red herrings and plot twists so that no moment in the book is dull. You enjoy the ride all the while unraveling the conundrum.

I cannot really pick who I am inclined towards more between Nick and Amy. Being unable to pick between the guy who is a bit flawed but sorta deserves it or the sinister woman who is his wife. Though I must admit there was a perverse pleasure in reading the workings of the twisted mind of that convoluted woman who scared the living day lights out of Nick. This book did a rare job of having well-rounded supporting characters. Each and every character, even the most minor has a role to play, a story to tell, one which incorporates in the bigger picture.

I recommend the book to all the fans who enjoy a good read that leaves em on the edge of their seats. I am pretty much excited that the movie adaptation rights of the book have already been sold, cause despite reading the book if well executed this book can be a cinematic treat which one might completely enjoy.


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