Coffin Dodgers by Gary Marshall, Ronnie Brown (Illustrator)


Publisher: Gary Marshall, via Smashwords
Publishing Date: May 29th 2011
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 0011322837
Goodreads:  3.08
Rating: ★★★

Once again is a book here which makes me wish Goodreads rating system would alter the rating system a bit. Gary Marshall’ Coffin Dodgers is based in a dystopian world wherein a majority of women for some reason have been rendered infertile, only a fraction of them can bear children without any medical intervention of any sort. And while the birth rate is on a decline, the death rate isn’t as affected. The world seems to be taken over by people who are far past their prime – and while they age they also seem to be the ones who are in control of the world around them owing to their financial positions.

Midst this world sprawling with old geysers who seem to enjoy their life with chutzpah – drinking, gambling away are the 3 protagonists of the novel – Amy, Matt & Dave – who all work at a casino in various capacities. None of them is what you would describe as ambitious, particularly brilliant or having any life altering crisis to handle – so all they do is do their job, drink beer and play pranks when they are not wasting their time away or playing video games. All of this changes when Matt is involved in a weird car accident one day, the same day a school friend of his also dies in another car crash.

Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary with the car or the accident even though Matt is suspicious he is unable to get to the bottom of things until one day he overhears a conversation while out with his friend Dave which confirms his doubts – his accident was orchestrated.
From then on, the novel is all about solving this mystery while the leads sort through their love life in between.

I liked the humorous approach Marshall has towards the subject, there have been places where the writing did make me laugh out loud however the execution of the plot fails terribly.And the end seems so rushed. Had the novel been a bit crisper I would have rated it more for sure. The book is good nonetheless, not great or spectacular but could be read once.


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