Bittersweet by Noelle Adams


Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publishing Date:  November 2013
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 9781477868348
Goodreads: 3.81
Rating: ★

I hadn’t started this book with much expectations and honestly I don’t know whether to be glad because of it or plain disappointed, that I was proven right. Reading Anna Karenina can be pretty depressing not to mention headache inducing at times so I picked up this little thing for a break from Mr.Tolstoy’ monstrosity and it was not a relief.

Bittersweet tells the story of Zoe who has recently became a mom and a widow, She lost her husband around the same time she gave birth to her son Logan. Adam her old lunch buddy and her late husband’ cousin comes around at this point once again in her life and helps her through the testing time. As an executioner of Josh’ will he stays around to help Zoe deal with the financials of his software company and eventually takes a liking to her son as well.

Zoe having been nursing her cancer ridden husband for the better part of a year even while she was pregnant, finds herself getting attracted to Adam in the process and puts down her attraction to her ‘dry spell’.

One night on a blind date she encounters Adam with another woman at the same place she and her date plan to visit. An awkward encounter follows and finally in a confrontation Zoe & Adam reveal how they feel about each other and have a dry humping session. From then on the book becomes so boring I honestly think I fell asleep at a point as it was so predictable.

Zoe was an okay-ish heroine and Adam was mostly described as a virile hot stud – nothing new or out of the ordinary there. Hell even the toddler calling Adam ‘Cla Lala’ started getting on my nerves after a point.

What disappointed me the most was the writing I wasn’t expecting the likes of Markus Zusak or the brilliance of  Carlos Ruiz Zafon but this was so below average a Fanfic would have scored better in the linguistic skills.



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