Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1) by Jamie McGuire


Publisher:  Jamie McGuire
Publishing Date: May 2011
Genre: Young Adult,Romance,
Goodreads: 4.23
Rating: DNF

there are books you love, then there are books which put you to sleep but then there are books you wanna tear,burn and then perhaps still declare as a toxic waste cos you hate em so much this book pretty much qualifies to have a place in the last criteria.

Inspired by the redundant, creepy crapfests which somehow soared the book sales list of all time fueled incessantly by brain deprived teenage girls and libido driven unsatisfied women – this book is a cross between Twilight and Fifty shades of Grey. Travis is an amalgamation between Edward Cullen and Christian Grey with tattoos who is in a relationship with a girl who needs to be institutionalized ASAP since she joins the harebrained, hormonal bandwagon of the likes of Bella Swan And Anastasia Steele. I am so sorry for myself I even bothered to pick it up and read it, I shouldn’t have been swayed by the lists which rated the successor of this book Walking Disaster as a NY bestseller and Amazon top rated book, not to mention the influence of Goodreads TBR lists on this.

I couldn’t even complete this book and yet have a strong urge to whack Abby, honestly I cannot for the life of me understand why would a gal/woman willingly want to have a relationship with a guy as deranged as the likes of Edward, Christian and Travis. Their hotness doesn’t compensate for their abusive, creepy, controlling and psychological ways. A guy being jealous to a point can be sweet, even cute – any gal kinda likes that her guy feels a bit possessive about her; but when it crosses the line into something like this its the first sign to break off things pronto and file for a restraining order while at it too. When someone behaves the way Travis does you do not fall into bed with him on his whim but walk the other way.

Seriously a gal who can like a guy of the type is delusional if she thinks she can change his ways with her ‘TRUE WUV’ and needs immediate medical help

With books like these soaring the sales I wonder what is the future of the literary world and not to mention that it scares the crap out of me that one of these books could somehow damage and seriously misguide someone I know and care about if it projects this kind of love and relationships.


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